Enjoy cooking and baking. With innovative technologies by Siemens.

Experience the fascination of cooking and baking with innovative appliances from Siemens. They're full of creative ideas that make life easier and cooking and baking a pleasure.

From automatic programmes that help you cook fish and meat and inspire you to try new things, through hobs that let you place pots and pans anywhere you like, to self-cleaning ovens – Siemens home appliances offer technologies and functions that will impress you.

Speaking of impressive – Siemens developed the automatic pyrolytic oven self-cleaning function 40 years ago, and has been continually improving it ever since. It still sets the standard for performance and convenience.

A feast for the senses. The award-winning design of Siemens appliances.

Siemens appliances provide both culinary and aesthetic enjoyment in your kitchen. With their captivating design, high-end materials and innovative controls, they'll delight you every day. Siemens styling is timelessly elegant. And easy to combine: from ovens through extractor hoods to warming drawers, Siemens kitchen appliances go together well, functionally as well as visually.

Siemens excellent design has won many awards, and lets you put together an attractive, distinctive kitchen. With our impressive variety of models you can also choose appliances that keep a low profile. Many of our built-in appliances for cooking and baking can be completely integrated into your fitted kitchen. Adding a furniture panel that matches your cabinets makes appliances virtually invisible, for a uniform and harmonious look in your kitchen.

Cook and bake like a pro. Siemens makes it possible.

You'll be amazed at how intelligent home appliances can be. And how their modern electronics can help you cook and bake. Many Siemens appliances are like little computers that can deliver impressive answers. They take care of many cooking, baking and cleanup tasks automatically and almost better that we could do ourselves.

Siemens developers give every product the knowledge it needs to deliver top results with outstanding convenience. For example, they might automatically detect how long your roast needs to cook, or detect quickly and precisely where which pots and pans are placed on the hob. High-sensitivity sensors supply the necessary information. So Siemens appliances aren't just labour-saving devices: they are also dependable partners for cooking and baking.

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